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Equipment Requirements for Smog Check Stations

To conduct Smog Checks on vehicles registered in California, stations must have, at a minimum, the following equipment and materials:


Test Equipment / Materials (Test–Only)

  • BAR–certified Emission Inspection System (EIS) equipped with a functional bar code reader. Each BAR–97 EIS must be connected to a separate standard single party telephone line at all times.
  • Ignition timing light, which measures ignition advance.
  • Hand vacuum pump and a vacuum gauge.
  • Basic hand tools necessary to inspect vehicle trouble codes from vehicles with on–board computers, along with instructions on how to extract codes and definitions of codes found.
  • Fuel fill pipe restrictor dowel gauge meeting BAR specifications.
  • BAR bulletins and publications as appropriate.
  • The most currently available emissions control systems application information as contained in any nationally distributed and periodically updated manuals that addresses emissions control systems applications.
  • BAR–approved evaporative control test equipment.
  • Reference materials, including BAR–approved vacuum diagrams, functional test procedures and ignition timing specifications. Electronic forms, such as CD–ROM, are acceptable as long as they also meet the standards set in BAR's "Minimum Requirements for Emissions Repair Manuals."

Repair Equipment/Materials (Test–and–Repair)

  • Ignition analyzer/oscilloscope.
  • Compression tester.
  • Tachometer/dwell meter.
  • Fuel pressure gauge capable of measuring the higher pressure of fuel injection systems.
  • Propane enrichment kit.
  • Ammeter capable of measuring amps and milliamps.
  • High impedance digital volt/ohmmeter.
  • Digital storage oscilloscope.
  • Bi–directional scan tool.
  • Signs (ARD, station, price).
  • Gas cap tester.
  • Hand tools necessary to adjust, maintain, and repair vehicular ignition, fuel delivery and emissions control systems.
  • Diagnostic and repair information for all vehicles being tested and repaired. Such information may be in printed or electronic format and may be nationally distributed and periodically updated references that contain repair and emissions procedures. These references must be up to date and include current model year supplements for automobile emissions control systems. Electronic references shall be provided in printed form upon request from the bureau.
  • Automotive computer diagnostic and repair manuals.
  • Electronic component location manuals.
  • Dynamometer. (Enhanced Program Area only)
  • Tire pressure gauge. (Enhanced Program Area only)
  • Cooling fan. (Enhanced Program Area only)
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