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ET Blast # 19606
From: The Bureau of Automotive Repair
To: EIS Unit Type:Bar97
November 20, 2003


At the beginning of next month, in order to comply with U.S. EPA requirements, BAR will decrease the maximum number of incomplete OBD readiness monitors allowed when passing a Smog Check to "2".

If the inspected vehicle is "not ready", you can advise the motorist to prepare the vehicle for inspection by driving it for several days under a variety of normal conditions. As an alternative, the motorist may elect to have you run the vehicle through the appropriate drive cycle (if available) on the BAR-97 dynamometer. Most BAR97's will provide readiness information in a manual mode, or you can use a hand-held generic scantool to determine which monitors have run to completion.

You should frequently check the OBD-II informational page on BAR's Web site at The latest version of Appendix J of the Smog Check Inspection Manual is provided. A few of the vehicles listed in Table 1 have unresolved issues with readiness monitors and, as a result, have been electronically excluded from readiness requirements through the Vehicle Lookup Table (VLT) in the BAR97 EIS. Vehicles using the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol are identified in Table 2, and cannot be OBD-tested with current BAR97 equipment.
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